Car Valeting Coventry

Puma Valeting, provides Car Valeting Coventry, Car Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, Paint Enhancement Coventry, Clay Bar Coventry & much more.


Car Valeting Coventry:

Puma Valeting & Detailing provide unbeatable valeting services throughout the Coventry& surrounding areas, we excel in quality and customer satisfaction with all of the valeting services we offer, also all work is carried out by our own professional staff employed and trained directly by Puma Valeting & Detailing.

We are located in Bedworth which is in-between Coventry and Nuneaton. We provide a whole range of Valeting Services for a range of different vehicles.

Our insurance covers us while working on your car for upto £5M, we are also covered for full public liability also. Copies of our insurance policies are available on request.

​We have many clients who have used us for many years who would be willing to provide testimonials should any potential client require a testimonials regarding our professionalism for valeting and detailing.​

Our Services:

Car Valeting

We offer a Professional Vehicle Valeting Service with Over 20 Years Experience. Full service including Domestic & Commercial. We have 3 different valeting options to choose from, Silver Package, Bronze Package & Gold Package.

Car Detailing

Car Detailing Coventry, Puma Valeting & Detailing specialise in bringing dull, oxidized, scratched & swirled paintwork back to life, by providing a range of detailing services to restore & protect your vehicles appearance.

Clay Bar

We use our clay bar method to ensure that the vehicle is contamination free. A machine polish paint refinement carried out clearing any defects and ensuring that the surface is free from blemishes.
After the vehicle has had a complete clean, we then apply the ceramic coating in a temperature and humidity controlled environment and leave the vehicle in this environment to cure.

Paint Correction

This service is a multi-stage machine process, using a professional medium cutting compound to remove deeper swirls and light scratches. This is then finished off with a fine finishing compound. This professional Paint Correction service offers a noticeable difference and achieving higher gloss levels above the polishing service.

Paint Enhancement

Our paint enhancement detail offers a great balance of a quality machine polished finish and cost. The processes we use will remove a significant amount of defects, whilst minimising the removal of the “clear coat” or lacquer.

Ceramic Coating

We provide a state of the art ceramic coating that protects your vehicles paint from environmental contaminants including bird droppings, wind damage, scratches, minor bumps, minor stone chips and dings. This coating finishes with an extremely hydrophobic, outstanding high gloss shine that keeps your car looking cleaner for longer periods of time.

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