An effective guide that will help you get rid of those car scratches.

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  • 07 July 2018

Whether you like it or not, cars will get scratches. Imagine yourself parking your car in a crowded parking lot only to return a little later and find your extremely new and shining car full of side scratches and scrapes.

We understand how frustrating it is to deal with a car scratch but not when Puma Valeting is there to help you with all kinds of car scratch repair in Birmingham.

Listed below are some of the most common methods used for a car scratch repair :

Polish thinner or Acetone

Some car scratches are just like a residue mark that can be easily removed with a polished thinner or acetone. After polishing the clear coat with a layer of thinner or acetone make sure you quickly clear it off with a rubbing compound ensuring an instant repair of the scratches.

Scratch car repair kits

Most of the times scratch affect the outer coating of the car, and therefore most of the car owners find it feasible enough to carry a scratch car repair kit. This kit includes everything from polishing material, rubbing compounds, scratch repair pens to sandpaper. Using a scratch car repair kit does not require a lot of skill and knowledge making it

Wet Sanding

Wet sanding is used for deep scratches that have penetrated not only the paint but also the primer. This technique uses sandpaper and water helping shave out the outer damaged part of the paint. Being a risky method of car scratch removal, this a method best handled by professionals.

It is never advised to plan a DIY car scratch removal job, and therefore, trust professionals like Puma Valeting. We at Puma Valeting specialise in paintwork restoration, scratch car repairs using the best tools and materials at your disposal. Contact us today at 0772-427-8725, and we will be right there at your service.

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