4 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Detailing Your Car

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  • 05 May 2018

Car detailing is a process that you make your car undergo in order to bring back that shine, polish and lustre on various surfaces of your car. However, you must not use that this process sometimes can turn harmful for your cars look if any mistakes occur.

So keeping this in mind here are a few common mistakes that a lot of people make while car details. Take note and avoid them!
Avoid Aggressive Rubbing – A lot of people use scrub pads to remove small stains such as bird droppings or bugs or paint. However, this is not a good idea at all. Scrubbing makes the surface easily prone to scratches. The scratches won’t be even visible unless the finish has completely dried.

Polish Properly – When it comes to polishing a lot of people do it improperly. This ultimately results in causing wheel marks all over the surface. The swirl marks made by the polishing machine can look very untidy and improper polishing can also sometimes lead to the removal of paint on the edges.
Wax It Off – Many times while applying wax on the surfaces for polishing can also cause a problem. It can penetrate into cracks, and other small spaces and this increase the dust content. The important thing here is to take a long sharp object and scrape off the removing wax once you are done!

Turning Your Mats Upside-down – Your car’s floor mats are already removable and mostly made up of plastic. This means that they can be cleaned effortlessly and also replaceable. So there is absolutely no need for you to turn your car’s carpet upside down in order to make sure that they are not damaged from use.

If you wish to avoid all these mistakes permanently then you can always hire the best professionals for car detailing in Birmingham. Thys will take the best care of your car and leave it spotless!

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