We offer car detailing service that helps you make a great first impression without pinching your pocket

You are heading somewhere and it turns out your car, especially the windscreen, has heaps of dirt and stains. Let Puma Valeting give it a quick wash to save you from the embarrassment and inconvenience due to compromised vision.

When you go out, your car represents who you are. And no matter which car you drive, the way you maintain it says a lot about your lifestyle. Between the hectic work schedule and busy personal life, finding time to maintain your car gets a bit difficult.

This is where Puma Valeting comes to your rescue. Our mini detailing package is a quick and affordable fix for any car which has not been cleaned in a couple of days. Our experts will clean your car’s exteriors with hands to remove bird-droppings as well as the layer of dirt and grime which conceals the paint-finish.

We will also clean and polish the dashboard and upholstery to give you fresh and nice-smelling interiors.

Are your time and efforts worth all the hassles?

Unless you have the right tools and expertise, cleaning a car takes a lot of time and efforts, and the results might not be impressive either. In order to save time and avoid disappointment, contact Puma Valeting to get your car picked up from your doorstep, cleaned and returned in no time. In the meantime, you can simply relax or do what you should be doing.

Your trusted car detailing professional is just one phone call away. Call now for the free pick-up or stop by our facility to have your car detailed before your eyes.

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