Behind every spotless car, there’s a hand-wash job done well.

At Puma Valeting, our experts will wash your car with their hands and eye open for tough stains and streaks of grime, to give you a spotless, fully polished car you will proudly call your own.

With attention to detail and quality cleaning products, we get your car shining in no time.

The cleaning starts off with water-blasting your car to remove grit and bird-droppings. After that, our cleaning experts remove stains, grime and the soapy residue to ensure squeaky clean exteriors. While we focus on cleaning your car to the highest standards, we only charge for the service that you opt for. Nobody likes upsells, so we consider keeping it off our service catalog.

Allow us to schedule the hand-wash for your car on the day you prefer
Puma Valeting operates at your convenience and delivers services as you may want. We operate 7 days a week. You can come down to our facility in Coventry or make a phone call to get your car picked up from your doorstep and delivered the same day.

Call now to enquire about our hand-wash cleaning package or book an appointment in advance to avoid waiting around at the cleaning facility.

Call us - 07724 278725 OR 02477 051287


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