Our Full Valet service is designed to effectively clean dirt and stains your car collects over time or after an off-road escapade. Puma Valeting has the tools and expertise to clean even the dirtiest cars, inside and out.

Besides washing and rubbing, we also apply three coats of polish to preserve the shine, which then stays for a long time. We recommend you to use our full valet detailing service once in every 3 months to extend the life of paint-job as well as the upholstery.

Prolonged exposure to sun, dirt and pollution can damage your car’s paint-job. Although the damage cannot be reversed, it can be stopped from going further with our full valet service, which turns out to be highly effective where regular washing fails to give the desired results.

Why interior deep cleaning is important?

When you drive your car with windows rolled down, your upholstery tends to collect dirt and pollutants fast. Over time, the accumulated dirt and pollutants turn into a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens, which can make you sick after a long drive.

Our full valet cleaning service includes deep cleansing of upholstery, floor mats and deodorizing the interiors to restore your car to showroom condition and give you some nostalgic moments of when you drove your car for the first time.

Visit our car detailing facility in Coventry to give your ride a quick and affordable makeover.

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